Is there a deadline for course completion?
As per subsection 6.3 in section 6.0 (System Specifications) of the BDE policy manual found HERE, students must complete the course within 1 year from the time of registration (which includes final examination).

Do I get charged for cancelling a driving lesson?
Any notice of cancellation that is more than 24 hours will not incur any fees. Cancellations that are done within 24 hours of the driving lesson will result in a $35 fee.

I don't have my G1 license yet, can I still start my BDE driving course?
Even without a G1 license, students can attend the in-class portion of the BDE course and begin their driver's education. In order to do the driving portion of the BDE course however, they must have a G1 license.

What are the available payment methods you accept?
We accept cash, cheque and e-transer.

I have an urgent request before I start my driving lesson, how do I contact you?
Please use the contact form found HERE to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like proof of completion, how do I get it?
Upon completion of your course, we will certify you online and send your information to the Ministry of Transportation. With the certified status, you will be eligible for insurance discounts along with a 4 month reduction in waiting time for your G2 license.

To retrieve a physical proof of course completion, you will need to obtain your Driver's License History (DLH) from Service Ontario. This can only be done by the driver's license holder for privacy reason.

Is the MTO certification fee included within the price?
Yes, the MTO certification fee is included within the BDE course price.